Totes McGoats! 118 goats chow down on West Boise shrubs and gardens

Boise (670 KBOI News) – Goats are an eco-friendly and often cost-effective way to keep weeds and brush trimmed back, to minimize fire risk and for maintenance along canal banks.

But it was Goat-a-Palooza in West Boise this morning, as 118 goats from We Rent Goats broke out of a holding pen, and chowed down on yards and gardens near Ustick and Five Mile.

Owner Matt Gabica says there was damage to shrubs and flowers, but nothing that can’t be fixed.

“Yeah, there’s a couple of people that they nibbled on their bushes pretty good,” said Gabica.  “No metal got bent, no blood got spilled, just some shrubbery, bushes, and flowers and stuff, so we’re gonna replant it, or rehab.”

He had his flock working on a retention pond for ACHD, and said everything was fine when he checked on them last night. He doesn’t know if the goats broke out on their own, or had outside help.

Gabica said by the time they got to the neighborhood near Jullion Park, residents had corralled the flock, and he got them loaded onto a trailer without further incident.