Miss Idaho Is a Top 10 Finalist in Miss America Pageant

Atlantic City, NJ – (670 KBOI News) – For the first time in nearly 50 years, Miss Idaho is a Top 10 finalist in the Miss America pageant.

Nina Forest, a college student from Pocatello, says she’s honored to have represented her home state, but she’s still a little numb about the whole thing.

“I can’t comprehend that it actually happened,” said Nina.  “I haven’t watched the live broadcast yet, so I think when I watch that, it’ll finally sink in.  But really, I felt so overjoyed knowing I was able to do that for Idaho.”

The last Miss Idaho to make the Top 10 finalist was Karen Herd, who was 1st Runner-Up in 1972.

Nina’s social platform is fighting childhood hunger…she says she has come to respect and admire the folks at the Idaho Foodbank in her work to end food insecurity.