Jordan Says Her Campaign was Prophesied, Calls for Love to Counter Negativity

Boise (670 KBOI News) – The world is looking to Idaho to lead the United States back to greatness…so says Democratic gubernatorial candidate Paulette Jordan.

At a forum with the Maitri Sangha Buddhist community at the Cathedral of the Rockies Monday night, Jordan said she’s been told by people that they saw her coming.

“There are people all over this globe who have said there is better, there is a counter to Trump, there is a counter to Kavanaugh, and it starts here in Idaho” said Jordan.  “There are prophesies that tell us this.  It is amazing.  Whether you believe in them or not, I think it’s fascinating that people around the globe, are having the same dreams.  And they’re all coming to hear us here in Idaho, and saying that they’re with us.”

She told the audience that the way to counter what she calls the negativity in the nation following Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, is with love.

See the video of Jordan addressing the Maitri Sangha Buddhist community by clicking here.