“Hi….I actually got another friend request from you yesterday…”

Boise (670 KBOI News) – If you’re on Facebook, no doubt in the last few days, you’ve gotten a message warning you not to accept new friend requests from so and so, because so and so’s account may have been hacked.

The good news, according to Veronica Cracker with the Better Business Bureau of the Northwest, is that chances are, neither you nor your friend has been hacked.

“This is, I guess you would might call a hoax that kind of popped up on Facebook,” said Craker.  “Somebody posted it, it may have been legitimate at some point, and maybe not, and others were copying and pasting, and just repeating it, because they thought maybe perhaps they had been hacked.”

The bad news is that people sometimes fall for these types of hoaxes, and they do then get hacked.

So, she says the best thing to do is ignore those messages if you get them. If you want to be a bit more proactive, you can change your password and settings.

If you do get a new friends request from someone who’s already a friend, don’t respond. Send that person a message asking them if they actually sent it.