Otter: Prop 1 Will Bring Jobs Back, Save the Horse Racing Industry

Boise (670 KBOI News) – Only four days until the midterm elections, and supporters and opponents of the various bonds up for a vote are making their last-minute pushes.

Governor Otter is a big-time supporter of Proposition 1, which would historic horse race betting machines legal in Idaho once again.

He told 670 KBOI’s Paul J and Chris the Treasure Valley economy would feel the economic boost right off the bat.

“It would breathe new life into Les Bois, and the over 500 jobs we lost there ” said Otter.  “I hope it passes, because it really is a tradition in Idaho. There was a time when the per-capita ownership of horses  in Idaho was greater than any other state in our nation.”

He said Prop 1 would bring horse racing back to Idaho, in the sense that banning the pari-mutuel betting machines killed the industry off, at least in the Treasure Valley.