Accused Killer Wants to Change His Name, Mother of Girl Killed in Attack Opposes It

Boise (670 KBOI News) – The mother of a three-year old girl killed in the West Boise mass stabbing last summer is objecting to a request from the man accused of killing her, to change his name.

According to the Idaho Press, Timmy Kinner wants to change his name to Eternal Love, but Bifituu Kadir says that could create unnecessary complications in criminal and civil court proceedings.

In her filing, Kadir said the need for clarity in the proceedings eclipses whatever reason Kinner may have for wanting to change his name.

When he filed to have his name changed, Kinner said it was his God-given right, and it was the name he wanted to be remembered by.

In addition to the criminal case, Kadir has filed a civil against Kinner and the property management company that owns the Wylie Street Station Apartments, where the attack happened.

Kinner is currently getting mental treatment at the Idaho Maximum Security Institute.