Wallet Hub: Idaho is the State Most “Dependent” on the Firearms Industry

Boise (670 KBOI News) – It’s no big secret…Idahoans tend to be very pro-gun.

In fact, according to personal finance website WalletHub.com, Idaho is the most dependent on the firearms industry.

But analyst Jill Gonzalez says that’s not just because we love owning guns, we like making them, too.

“We looked at firearms jobs, ammunition dealers, importers and manufacturers, then we looked at gun prevalence,” said Gonzalez.  “So gun ownership, gun sales, and finally, gun politics.  Idaho does see a lot more gun rights contributions to congressional members, than gun control contributions.”

But Alex Kincaid, a noted 2nd Amendment attorney and author, says firearms don’t make us dependent, they make us independent.

“The last thing Idaho citizens are is ‘dependent’.  We make a lot of guns, we own a lot of guns, and we have very little crime,” said Kincaid.  “So, we know that we can protect ourselves.  We do have some gun control laws, but we don’t restrict law-abiding citizens very much.”

She says the study shows that Idahoans are not fooled by the anti-gun rhetoric in the media and Hollywood.

Our neighbors Wyoming and Montana also scored highly, at number 4 and 9, respectively.

Washington and Oregon were 32 and 37 on the list.

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