CCDC: Bench is Good Candidate for Urban Renewal

Boise (670 KBOI News) – The Capital City Development Corporation says parts of the Bench would benefit from their brand of economic development. publisher Don Day says a Bench Urban Renewal Area is something that’s been on Mayor Dave Bieter’s wish list for some time now.

“What they’re hoping to do is bring the mix of tools that people are used to seeing in the downtown Boise area, to many of the commercial areas along the Bench,” said Day.  “That would include Vista, Overland, Latah, and the area around the tank farm off of Curtis Road.”

He says the tank farm could possibly be relocated to out by the airport…a very expensive undertaking if it happens. Other improvements would be sidewalks and underground infrastructure.

It’s just an idea at this point, but Day thinks it could be made official some time this year.

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