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Fire at 124-Year Old Building Investigated, Second Fire in Two Weeks

photo: CBS-2 TV

Boise (670 KBOI News) – For the second time in two weeks, investigators are trying to figure out how a fire started at a 124-year old apartment house in downtown Boise.

Deputy Chief Romeo Gervais says the two investigations are working together, trying to determine if the two fires at the building at 15th and Jefferson were linked.

“We had been called out there a few weeks ago, for a minor fire on the second floor as well,” said Gervais.  “At this point in time, our investigators from both those fires are co-ordinating, and tracking down additional witnesses, and interviewing different occupants of the building as well.”

Damage to the building was extensive, but no one was seriously injured.  One pet cat did die, though.

Gervais is giving kudos to three bystanders — Kris Adams, Michael Mumford and Jimmy Hallyburton — for helping rescue one of the building’s tenants.