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BLM to Release Wild Horses Into Area Scorched in 2015 Soda Fire

Owyhee County (670 KBOI News) – The 2015 Soda Fire destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres of wild horse habitat in Southwest Idaho, but now that area’s been restored, it’s time for the horses saved after the fire to go home.

Heather Tiel-Nelson with the Bureau of Land Management says that’s going to happen on May 29th.

In all, 45 horses will be released into the Hardtrigger Herd Management Area, in three different locations.

“Those three Herd Management Areas probably had more wild horses on them than the rage could sustain,” said Tiel-Nelson.  “So we offered a good number of those horses for adoption, and in fact over 80 of them were adopted.  The remaining horses we’ve been caring for since that time.”

The public is invited to attend.  Tiel-Nelson asks that you call Ruby Kyle at (208) 473-9868 to get your name on the list.  Everyone will meet at 10:00am on the 29th, at the I-O-N Truck Plaza on Highway 55 in Marsing, and convoy to one of the release locations.  Roughly a dozen horses will be released from that location.

You’re advised to drive a 4×4 vehicle with good ground clearance, wear good hiking boots, and bring sunscreen, water, and snacks…because you’ll be miles away from any services.  Also, a rain jacket or poncho is a good idea.